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Sprinkling Magic @ BFF

Essence √

Fashion √

Black Films √

Beer √

For the #culture, CHECK

Thursday was everythang! I’m actually struggling to find the words to articulate the #blackgirlmagic that was slanging everywhere at the Breakthrough Fashion Show during Bentonville Film Festival.

1st Essence CEO Michelle Ebanks, EPIC!

2nd Designer Linda Rowe Thomas, almost had me in the ugly cry (took all I had to swallow the lump in my throat).

3rd Screenwriter and Producer Kim Bass, bringing us #blackboyjoy with all the laughs.

Left to Right: Kim, Michelle, Linda & Jonathan (CEO & Founder of the Fashion Council)

Ohhh and I haven’t even mentioned the freaking fashion show! Like seriously, they (clap) did (clap) it (clap) for (clap) the (clap) CUL (clap) TURE (clap), you hear me! Beautiful Black models dripped across the stage with clips from Dream Girls, Hidden Figures and Selma rolling on the big screen. Painting the perfect backdrop of black struggle, black excellence and black triumph. Eeek! At one point my husband looked at me and said “We are so different, I can just feel the energy!”

Now you're probably thinking, okay that looked fabulous buuttt, “Why are you speechless?” CAUSE! For the first time in my career I understand the real power of influence. See, I was able to get one of our largest brands in the company to sponsor a Black event in Bentonville, Arkansas and I integrated that thang to perfection! All while supporting another BOSS, Regine Moore and bringing in some of my people to work their magic. Win-win if you ask me (sings “Everybody hands go up”)!

There’s so much more I could say about this event, but too many words get on my nerves! LOL. So instead, I will leave you guys with a few tips on having influence and being a #boss at work!!!

Boss Moves:

1. Make real connections with people at work.

2. Bring your real self to work, so no one is surprised when you act like you.

3. Be the Voice for the Culture in your office.

4. Know your ish and be good at what you do.

5. Ask. My Mom always says “The worse they can say is no.”

Special thanks to the team that put this event together and my framily who came to support!



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