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Happy 15 Year Anniversary, to us!

Do you know what today is? It's our anniversary!

Our wedding day, July 24th, 2004. When we became Beasley 04'

Can you believe it?! 15 years of marriage. Yes, we got married when we were 10-years-old (bawhahaha). Seriously, we were young adults fresh out of college when we said I do. We never had a big fancy wedding with a fabulous honeymoon. Matter fact we planned our wedding in 2 weeks and spent $500 including my dress (Gasp!). So, this anniversary Jimmy dreamed up a cool idea to tell our story. We sat down with one of our favorite couples Alex and Ashley Peoples with APSquared Studios to capture our Love Story. Grab your tissue cause this one is a tear jerker.

I told you!!! Tear jerker.

Jimmy thank you for 15 wonderful, crazy, scary, fun years. My life is fuller because we are together. This will be our best year so far! Here's to an amazing 15th year and 66 more to come.


Angel Nicole B.

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