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Your Summer Style Forecast: Must Haves for Summer 2019

Ok, so your skin is glowing, hair is flowing, but what about the summer wardrobe Sis?

It's JUNE baby! Which tells me one thing: it’s time to pull out and dust off the summer wardrobe.

Every year I get super excited thinking about pulling out one of my fave looks: the summer dress. Not only because it can be worn time and time again (budget ballers stand up!), but also because summer dresses are a quick and easy way to go from looking Basic Betty Bih to Summertime Chic in a matter of seconds.

Throwback to NOLA Summer 16'

With that being said, I also like to make sure I add pieces to my closet that will help spruce things up a bit. Which brings us to the entire reason for the season TUH-DAY: Summer Trends for 2019!

I’m not sure if any of you have already checked out what’s hot as of late, but if not, Bae-BAY let me tell you…the trends this year have been set up to NOT disappoint.

So, sit back, chillax and pour up your favorite glass of vino and check out what all, aside from the forecast, will be bringing the heat this season.


Why we love it? Simply put, because the glow up is real. And this season rocking bold and electrifying colors are trending now more than ever. From acid green to hot pink, or fire orange, having a neon piece apart of your wardrobe is a must. And the best thing about it is that it caters to the daring and cautious wearers the same. Feeling Brave? Then rock the trend from head to toe in highlighter hues of your choice. Not so much? Then wear your fave neon as a pop of color. Think: a green clutch against a basic black dress. Instant hit. OKURRR!

Animal Prints:

The print that generously keeps on giving because it NEVA goes out of style. Every season this wild pattern miraculously reinvents itself, and just keeps getting better. Worn on a variety of garments including pants, coats, dresses and suits, animal print is the sure bet to spicing up your life stylishly. So, if you don’t already own something drippin’ in animal print, we hereby give you full permission to unleash your inner Jane (or Tarzan) by copping a piece or two. As the years go by, you’ll see the style is here to stay, and if you’re a #BudgetBaller like myself, your wallet will thank you later.

Dad Sneakers:

The shoe I never thought twice about coming back around (I mean to this day, my Sister calls them clown shoes), but now that they’re back all I can say is, THANK YA!! The dad sneak’s versatility has pushed itself into the ranks of being a fashionista’s favorite. Whether paired with a blazer jacket, biker shorts and tank, or a simple sweats ensemble you’re sure to revamp your Dad’s favorite shoe with pizazz.

Clear Shoes:

These are what I like to call the big sister to the classic jelly. A trend made popular by Kim Kardashian-West in 2016 and one that catapulted its way into high fashion after being spotted on the likes of Rihanna, Kendall Jenner and a few others. Now some 3 odd years later the shoe is hotter than ever and has become a staple must have for every style closet around. Like the Dad sneaker, this translucent heel can just about be paired with anything. Feeling lowkey, but still wanna jazz up the wardrobe? Throw on a pair of these baby's with your favorite piece of denim, bodysuit or fitted tank, and WAALAH! A true fashionista is born.

Happy Summer Loves,

April M.

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