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Wake n' Bake

How I start my morning off RIGHT!

Get your head out the gutter or the clouds! LOL (If you're like me you had to Google what the heck Wake n' Bake means). And I'm NOT talking about that!

I'm talking about the best $7 I've ever spent on makeup: Banana Powder by ColourPop. Maaann, the first time I put it on I was like what in the heavenly goodness is this! It was like the makeup gods kissed my under-eye suitcases away and I was sent back to my 28-year-old self, when things were tight and right! If you know what I mean (wink, wink).

Yassss, with one dusting I removed 9-years from face. No Botox in sight.

Now it's part of my frantic-morning beauty routine. Brush teeth, was face, chase kid, #BAKE!

I love the simplicty and versatility. From the No Make-Up, Make-Up look to JLO Glam (insert "I'm still Jenny from the block"). Baking kills!

Side note: JLO is #goals, ijs!

Also, you don't have to be MakeUpShayla or watch 50-11 YouTube videos to BAKE. It's actually pretty simple and you really can't mess up.


1. Buy Powder

2. Apply under eye to cheek bone with make-up sponage or make-up brush

3. Let set for a minute

4. Lightly brush off with make-up brush

5. BAM! Your done

If you're feeling shaky go to Sephora or MAC and have them hook you up! There's nothing like pampering yourself and getting your make-up done professionally!

I got #beat during NWA Fashion Week by a legit make-up artist who wasn't playing. I mean she had me snatched for the Bridal Show. The combination of highlights and baking had me all the way right!

Photo by Hudson Photography

So glad Dan'elle introduced me to #baking! Best trick EVER!

I hope you ladies try a little Wake n' Bake soon!

Let me know what you think in the comments.



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